Last updated on October 2nd, 2020

Visit Australia – Plan Your Trip

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Best Time of Year to Visit Australia

The weather in Australia varies greatly, because some areas are a great distance south of the equator. Melbourne and Sydney have more pleasant temperatures around Christmas time, which is summer in Australia. The interior gets very hot, so April is a good time to visit. The Great Barrier Reef and Brisbane are a better destination from September to November.

Australia Visa Requirements

A visa is required to enter Australia. Citizens of Brunei, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea and the United States are eligible for an online Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) travel visa. The Electronic Travel Authority visa can be purchased online from the government of Australia for a small fee. Other countries will need to go through a more complicated and expensive process. Explore visa options for visiting Australia here, using the Australian government web site.

Visit Australia – Currency

The Australian dollar is the standard for currency in Australia. Australia is not part of the European Union, so don’t expect to use Euros. Credit cards are widely accepted.

Australia Electrical Adapters

Voltage in Australia is 220-240 Volts, so visitors from North America should bring a Type I electrical adapter to recharge cameras and electronic equipment. Your British Type G plugs won’t work in Australia or the rest of Oceania though. The plugs look very similar, but are slightly different.

Drinking Water for Australia

It’s fine to drink tap water anywhere in Australia. Refill your water bottle from the tap to save money and the environment.