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Uluru, Ayers Rock, Visit Red Centre

Uluru, Ayers Rock, © Can Stock Photo / titicaca

Visit Red Centre – Uluru

Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park – Uluru is the aboriginal name for the gigantic sandstone outcropping located about 6 hours southwest of Alice Springs by vehicle.  The stone at this World Heritage site is over 300 m (1,000 ft) high.  It is 10 km (7 mi) around its base.  Named Ayers Rock by Australian explorers, the original designation as Uluru is now coming back into common use.  Hiking up Uluru will be banned in 2019 because of lack of respect by visitors.  The location is one of the most recognizable in Australia and is synonymous with tourism in the country.

Alice Springs Telegraph Station Historical Reserve, Visit Red Centre

Alice Springs Telegraph Station Historical Reserve

Visit Red Centre – Alice Springs

Perentie Monitor, Alice Springs Reptile Centre, Visit Red Centre

Perentie Monitor, Alice Springs Reptile Centre

Kings Canyon Watarrka National Park, Outback, Visit Red Centre, Australia

Kings Canyon Watarrka National Park, © Can Stock Photo / BastianLinder

Visit Red Centre – Hotels

Devil's Marbles, Outback, Visit Red Centre, Australia

Devil’s Marbles, © Can Stock Photo / Danemo

Visit Red Centre – More Sights

Kata Tjuta the Olgas, Outback, Visit Red Centre, Australia

Kata Tjuta the Olgas, © Can Stock Photo / imagex

Red Centre Weather

Expect average highs in excess of 30C (85F) during the Australian summer months from September to April, with periods of extreme heat regularly exceeding 40 C (100 F).  During extreme heat, walking may be prohibited at some National Parks, including Uluru.  Lows during the Australian summer are comfortable. The winter months of June to August can see average lows down to 5 C (40 F).  Rainfall is almost nonexistent regardless of the time of year.  April would be a good time of year to visit Alice Springs for weather, however the timing of the unusual events held there is likely a more significant determinant of travel plans.

Get to the Red Centre

Nearly everyone gets to the Red Centre through Alice Springs.  You can fly to Alice Springs from major cities in Australia.  The Ghan train stops regularly in Alice Springs too on its continuous route between Darwin and Adelaide.  The most popular tourist attraction in the Red Centre is Uluru (Ayers Rock), at a distance of about 4.5 hours by car from Alice Spring.  In addition to vehicle access, there is also air service between Alice Springs and Uluru.  Flights take about an hour.  Due to the popularity of Uluru, direct flights from Sydney are available to Ayers Rock Airport without visiting Alice Springs.  The Ghan train does not stop closer to Uluru than Alice Springs.

Uluru Stands out from Plains, Visit Red Centre

Uluru Stands out from Plains

Visit Red Centre – Background

Any place outside of a city in Australia is called the Outback, but the area around Alice Springs is also called the Red Centre.  This refers to all the red rock in the area and the location in the center of the Outback.  The town of Alice Springs, with a population of about 30,000 is at the center of the continent of Australia.  It is equidistant from Darwin in north and Adelaide in the south.  There are no major cities within 1,500 km (900 mi).

Alice Springs Reptile Centre


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