Last updated on February 8th, 2020

Visit Asia – Pick a Country

Find information on countries in Asia, including the best time to visit and visa requirements.

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Visit Asia – Introduction

Asia is home to most of the world’s population.  It has become a very popular to Visit Asia in recent years.  The economic growth in China is making it a world leader.  Southeast Asia holds numerous archeological wonders of past civilizations. Many countries are reopening to foreigners, such as Myanmar. For others, such as Vietnam and Cambodia, their wars are becoming distant memories and North Americans have replaced their military presence with tourists instead.  Some areas, such as the portions of the Middle East and Afghanistan, aren’t open to tourism at the present time.  The United Arab Emirates are using their oil wealth to generate the most opulent cities on the planet.

Asia Electrical Adapters

It’s a good idea to bring a Type C and a Type G electrical adapter when you visit Asia.  The standard North American plugs are rarely used there.