Gotomeer, Bonaire Biking Excursion


Bonaire Biking Excursion – Overview

We went on a Bonaire Biking Excursion that was arranged by our cruise ship.  The tour was run by a Dutch couple and had about 16 participants.  They picked us up in a medium sized van at the port.  Our first stop was to pick up the bike trailer.  Then we headed to the north end of the town of Kralendijk to begin the ride.   There are no traffic lights on the island.  There are only 15,000 permanent residents.

Flamingos near Kralendijk, Bonaire Biking Excursion

Flamingos near Kralendijk

Bonaire Biking Excursion – Birds

We biked north along the coast on a small pleasant trail that ran right beside the water.  There were lots of birds and bird calls.  We even saw some yellow chested Amazon parrots.  Vans, full of tourists, also squeezed on the bike path, which seemed crazy.  The path wasn’t wide enough for two way traffic, so the vans all went the same direction.

Goto Lake, Gotomeer, Bonaire Biking Excursion

Goto Lake, Gotomeer

Bonaire Biking Excursion – Goto Lake

Next we biked inland along Goto Lake (Gotomeer).  It was very picturesque.  The flamingos that nest in the lake were gone for the season, but we did see a few later at a lake at the edge of Kralendijk.  The flamingos return in January each year from Venezuela to breed.  Venezuela is only about 20 miles from Bonaire.

Descending to Rincon, Bonaire Biking Excursion

Descending to Rincon

Bonaire Biking Excursion – Rincon

After we left the lake behind, we reached the 9 mile mark of our Bonaire Biking Excursion.  Next was a steep climb into the center of the island.  I nearly made it to the top of the hill, but had to walk the last few steps.  From there we coasted full speed downhill to the village of Rincon.  In the village we were provided free cactus liquor called Cadushy.  After our bar break we took the van back to Kralendijk.  We stopped just outside of town at a small lake where we watched a few flamingos feeding.

This tour is a good one for someone who enjoys exercise, small crowds, bird song and Caribbean breezes.  It’s hard for tropical fish lovers to choose this excursion over the Bonaire Marine Park though.

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