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Kralendijk Harbor, Visit Bonaire

Kralendijk Harbor

Visit Bonaire – See the Sights

Klein Bonaire & Bonaire Marine Park – Snorkel or dive at a small uninhabited islet a short distance off shore from Kralendijk. Klein Bonaire (Little Bonaire) has a marine park with turtles, rays and lots of fish. It can be reached from Bonaire by water taxi in 15 minutes. Tropical fish are so plentiful in Bonaire that you can see tangs and parrotfish from the cruise pier.

Diving – Bonaire is rated along with the Great Barrier Reef as one of the world’s premier dive sites

Lac Bay – tour the mangrove lagoon

Coastline, Visit Bonaire

Bonaire Coastline

North Tour – visit the Gotomeer (Goto Lake) which has nesting flamingos in January. Also visit Rincon, the oldest town in Bonaire. It was once a slavery site for the Spanish. Read our Bonaire Biking Excursion blog.

Washington Slagbaai National Park – 13,500 acres at the northern tip of the island. Flamingos breed here too in January.

Klein Bonaire Marine Park, Visit Bonaire

Klein Bonaire Marine Park, Visit Bonaire

Visit Bonaire – Hotels

Bonaire may be a small island, but there is no shortage of luxury hotels.

  • Thebonairian
  •  Harbour Village Beach Club
  • One Ocean Boutique Apartments Bonaire
Harbor, Kralendijk, Visit Bonaire

Harbor, Kralendijk

Bonaire Weather

Temperatures in Bonaire are only a few degrees higher in summer than in winter. The rainy season extends from October through December. Bonaire is south of the Caribbean hurricane belt, so it generally doesn’t get hurricanes. March is the best time to visit Bonaire for good weather.

Visit Bonaire – Transportation

Flamingo Airport is near Kralendijk. It has direct flights from the United States, Canada and Europe. You can also reach Bonaire on flights from Aruba and Curaçao. The capital and only cruise ship port is Kralendijk.

Visit Bonaire – Background

Bonaire is a very small Dutch island in the Southern Caribbean. It is part of the Leeward Antilles in the Lesser Antilles. Bonaire is 24 miles long and about 5 miles wide. Together with Aruba and Curaçao, Bonaire forms a group referred to as the ABC islands. Bonaire is a special municipality of the Netherlands. Languages spoken on the island include Dutch, English and Papiamento. Papiamento is a blend of Dutch, Portuguese, African languages and Spanish. There are about 16,000 permanent inhabitants on the island, so tourism is very important to the economy of Bonaire.

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