Pinel Island Beach Umbrellas, Pinel Island Snorkel, St Martin

Pinel Island Beach Umbrellas, Pinel Island Snorkel

Pinel Island Snorkel – Getting There

We ventured on a Pinel Island Snorkel as part of a cruise ship excursion, but you can also easily make the trip on your own.  Save some money and leave the cruise ship crowds behind.  Standard taxi fare from Philipsburg, St Maarten to Pinel Island is $50 for two, which was published at the information booth at the cruise ship terminal.  The regularly scheduled ferries to the island run about $7 each.

Pinel Island Beach Snorkel, St Martin, Pinel Island Snorkel

Pinel Island Beach Snorkel

Pinel Island Snorkel – Beautiful Beach

You enter the water to snorkel at the end of a lovely beach with lounge chairs and umbrellas for rent.  The fish are at the tip of this very small island, which exposes you to some swells from the open water.  There were numerous fish, including schools of sergeant majors and tangs.  The guide fed the fish to attract them.  Then he let us feed the fish by hand ourselves.  They ate right out of my hand.  The open ocean swells made my wife sea sick, so she told me she was heading back to shore.  As she couldn’t wear her glasses or contacts snorkeling, she became disoriented and began swimming toward mainland St Martin instead.  I noticed her error, swam after her, grabbed her and set her off back in the right direction.  A bit more excitement than I’d wanted.  A lovely spot for snorkeling, though, and one of the nicest beaches you could ever imagine.

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