Sail Past Lover's Beach, Cabo San Lucas Shore Excursion

Sail Past Lover’s Beach

Cabo San Lucas Shore Excursion – Kayaking

Our last destination on our Mexican Riviera cruise was a Cabo San Lucas Shore Excursion.  This is a picturesque city at the tip of Baja California.  It is mainly hotels in an arid bay with a magnificent sandy beach.  The ship anchors in the bay and tenders are used to reach shore.  Our Cabo San Lucas Shore Excursion had kayaking and snorkeling.  This shore excursion was my favorite experience on the cruise.  Although waters around the El Arco arch were a bit rough, the kayaking part of our tour made it to El Arco.  The Pacific waters swelled through El Arco toward the Sea of Cortez, which made the kayaking a bit scary.  I was exciting though and enjoyed it, but one of the other kayaks in our tour got swamped.  The kayakers were rescued by the safety boat that accompanied us.

Lover's Beach, Visit Cabo San Lucas

Lover’s Beach. © Can Stock / gabrielalupu

Cabo San Lucas – Humpbacks

On the return from kayaking trip to El Arco, we were nearing the harbor in the Bay of Cabo San Lucas when there was a loud splash about 75 feet away.  A baby humpback whale was jumping and playing, which was a pleasure to watch.  The baby humpback whale jumped 5 times, as it made its way from theBay of Cabo San Lucas toward the open ocean.  The baby whale was accompanied by a female and a male escort who only showed their backs.  The adult humpbacks were very large and dwarfed the playful youngster in size.  Our guide said he had never seen humpbacks this far into the bay, so we were very lucky.

Bay of Cabo San Lucas, Cabo San Lucas Shore Excursion

Bay of Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas Shore Excursion – Snorkel

The Cabo San Lucas Shore Excursion snorkeling was a thrilling experience, starting with the rush created by jumping in to 65 degree water.  There were tons of fish and the clarity was excellent off the beach at Playa Empacadora.  We saw a giant pipe fish, lots of sergeant majors, angels, colorful damsels, parrot fish, eels and just about everything you could imagine.  We even saw a shore bird diving under the water.  I thought I was seeing an otter or a seal at first.

The guide allowed about 20 minutes of snorkeling for those from Washington state or Canada but considerably less for anyone else.  In fact, only 6 out of 11 went in and 2 were only there for 5 minutes.  I was first in and the last out at 16 minutes.  I would have stayed longer, but hypothermia was setting in.  For the next several hours, I had great difficulty getting warm again.  After my Cabo San Lucas Shore Excursion Snorkel, I invested in an underwater camera, because I have no record of the best day on the trip.  Back on board the ship, I spent the rest of the day on our balcony with the pleasant breeze and the gorgeous view of el Arco.