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Castries, Cruise Ship Terminal, Visit St Lucia

Castries, Cruise Ship Terminal

Visit St Lucia – See the Sights

  • Castries – walk the streets of the port and shop; visit Morne Fortune (the hill of good luck), the Cathedral, Iniskilling Monument, Caribelle Batik
  • Aerial Tram Rainforest Tour – ride up 2,000 feet as you travel under the rainforest canopy in an open gondola at Rain Forest Adventure Park. Then zipline back down if you prefer. The park is 5 miles from Castries.
  • Marigot Bay – James Michener called it the most beautiful bay in the Caribbean
  • Anse La Raye and Canaries are two picturesque fishing villages south of Castries
  • Fond Doux Planation & Resort – colonial plantation tour, south of Soufriere
  • Pigeon Island – 40 acre islet with a museum and interpretive center at the northern tip of the island
  • Bay Gardens Resort
  • Stony Hill – a private home and gardens with views of Rodney Bay Marina
  • Scuba and snorkeling at many sites
Marigot Bay, Visit St Lucia

Marigot Bay

Visit St Lucia – Hotels

  • Ladera Resort – great views of the Pitons in Soufrière
  • Poinsettia Villa Apartments – Castries
Pitons, Soufrière, Visit St Lucia

Pitons, Soufrière

Visit St Lucia – Soufrière

The Pitons – two 2,000 foot volcanic outcroppings, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, best viewed by boat tour but with good views from the hill above the town of Soufrière too. Soufrière is the oldest town in St Lucia. It was established in 1746. Check out the murals in the market place.

Diamond Botanical Gardens – See a myriad of plants, some hummingbirds, a river and waterfall. The waterfall originates two miles above from the volcanic crater. The entrance fee is a few dollars, plus a tip your assigned guide.

The Sulfur Springs are located near Soufriere. Drive in volcano to experience the bubbling mud and sulfur smells. There is a small entrance fee.

Anse la Raye, Fishing Village, Visit St Lucia

Anse la Raye, Fishing Village

Visit St Lucia – Tours

The most common way to Visit St Lucia is through cruise ship port in Castries. From there, look for registered taxi drivers at the wharf. They fill their van with passengers from the cruise ship. These small group tours visit Morne Fortune, the Pitons, Soufriere, Marigot Bay and the Diamond Botanical Gardens. The pricing in 2011 was $40 per person for a 4 hour tour. This is a lot less than cruise ship excursion pricing. You pay a few dollars additional to enter theDiamond Botanical Gardens. You can also book an island tour with Cosol Tours.

Visit St Lucia – Background

St Lucia is a British island which became an independent state of the Commonwealth of Nations. The island runs north/south with the Caribbean Sea to the west and the Atlantic Ocean to the east. Martinque is the next island to the north and St Vincent & the Grenadines are next to the south. The island was named by the French after St Lucy of Syracuse. The British took control of St Lucia in 1814. St Lucia is 27 miles north/south and 14 miles east/west. The capital and cruise port is Castries and the island has a permanent population of about 175,000. Most visitors arrive via cruise ship. Hewanorra International Airport is fairly isloated on the southern tip of the island.

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