Ely's Harbour Pier, Visit Bermuda

Ely’s Harbour Pier

Visit Bermuda – See the Sights

  • Beaches – Horseshoe Bay Beach, Elbow Beach, Tobacco Bay, Astwood Cove, Shelly Bay, Church Bay, Turtle Bay, Coopers Island
  • Crystal and Fantasy Caves
  • Ride a moped around the island, driving on the left hand side
  • Railway Trail Bike and Beach Tour – cross the entire main island
  • Look at men in colorful Bermuda shorts
  • Park-La-Ville Park, Victoria Park, Point Pleasant Park
  • Golfing – Port Royal Golf Course, Turtle Hill Golf Club, Belmont Hills Golf Club, Ocean View Golf Course, St George’s Golf Course
  • Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity, St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, St Peter’s Church
Ely's Harbour, Visit Bermuda

Ely’s Harbour

Visit Bermuda – Historic Sites

  • Fort Scaur, Fort Hamilton, Fort St Catherine
  • Dundurn National Historic Site, Dundurn Castle
  • Verdmont Historic House Museum
  • National Museum of Bermuda
  • Bermuda Historical Society Museum
Hamilton Harbour, Visit Bermuda

Hamilton Harbour

Visit Bermuda – Hotels

  • Hamilton Princess & Beach Club A Fairmont Managed Hotel
  • The Reefs Resort and Club
  • Cambridge Beaches Resort and Spa
Bermuda Shoreline, Visit Bermuda

Bermuda Shoreline

Visit Bermuda – More Sights

  • Front Street with its multi-colored two-story buildings
  • Sessions House – Bermuda Parliament
  • Bermuda Botanical Gardens – Camden House, Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art
  • Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute
  • Art Gallery of Hamilton
  • Bermuda National Gallery
  • Bermuda Aquarium, Museum & Zoo
Turtle Bay, St George's, Visit Bermuda

Turtle Bay, St George’s

Visit Bermuda – Weather

Bermuda is in the Atlantic, so the best weather temperatures are in the summer months from May to October. Temperatures are pleasant from December to April, but not quite hot enough for swimming then. Bermuda is on the exit route for hurricanes that have circled through the Caribbean in the fall. So, it can get rainy tropical storms then, but not hurricanes.

Somerset Bridge, Word's Smallest Draw Bridge, Visit Bermuda

Somerset Bridge, Word’s Smallest Draw Bridge

Get to Bermuda

About 75% of the visitors to Bermuda are from the United States. Visitors arrive at LF Wade International Airport from many cities on the east coast of the United States. There are also direct flights from Canada and London. Cruise ships typically come from New York. They dock in St George’s or Hamilton. These ports are very close to each other. Small cruise ships can dock in downtown Hamilton, but larger ships will tie up at King’s Wharf a few miles from town.

Visit Bermuda – Background

Bermuda includes over 180 very small islands with a total area of about 20 square miles. About 60,000 people live permanently in Bermuda. The largest island is about 20 miles long. It includes the capital of St George’s and the city of Hamilton. These two cities are joined by a causeway. Bermuda is like a Caribbean island, but it’s about 600 miles east of North Carolina in the Atlantic. So, it’s a long way from the Caribbean. Juan de Bermúdez claimed Bermuda for Spain n 1505, but it’s been British since 1609. Bermuda is well known as being part of the Bermuda triangle where strange disappearances of water and aircraft have been popularized. It is also famous for Bermuda shorts. Bermuda shorts are often worn by business men in combination with dress shirts, dress shoes and ties.

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