Last updated on February 5th, 2021

Visit Puerto Chacabuco Harbor

Visit Puerto Chacabuco Harbor

Visit Puerto Chacabuco – Background

Puerto Chacabuco is a frequent cruise ship destination in the Chilean archipelago south of Puerto Montt.  The city itself is not a tourist destination, but rather a small port that has grown up since the harbor in Puerto Aysen silted up.  People who visit Puerto Chacabuco usually head to the Simpson River Valley and the small town of Coyhaique.

Visit Puerto Chacabuco – Nearby Sights

  • Take a shore excursion with En Patagonia Tours to Coyhaique.  The tour has great reviews, but it can’t be booked at the last minute.  They stop at the Rio Simpson National Reserve and several waterfalls, including the Virgin Waterfalls.  The tour also provides an Asado al palo lunch and entertainment with Chilean and Argentinean folk dancing.
  • Self-Guided Tour – Look for a shuttle van at the port to take you to a small plaza in Chacabuco.  Wait for another van there that will take you to Puerto Aysen about 15 minutes away.  Then in Puerto Aysen, take Buses Suray from the main intersection in town.  Buses run hourly to Coyhaique.  In Coyhaique the main attraction is to stroll among the vendors in the central plaza and have lunch.
  • Cab Tour – There will also be small vans and taxis at the plaza in Chacabuco that can take you to Coyhaique.  They charge about $150 USD round trip in 2015 and they will do stops at scenic places along the way.
  • Those who stay longer than an afternoon will be able to arrange fly fishing tours.

Visit Puerto Chacabuco – Hotel Recommendations

There are no options for hotels in Puerto Chacabuco.  Try staying in Coyhaique.

Puerto Chacabuco Weather

Puerto Chacabuco and Coyhaique are in the southern hemisphere.  The climate is moderated by the Pacific Ocean, but the Chilean Fjords here are closer to the Andes so it’s chilly.  During the summer months from December – February, expect average highs of about 66 F (19 C) and average lows of 48 F (9 C).  In the winter, the ocean keeps temperatures above freezing.  Precipitation is highest from May to July and is fairly light in the summer months from October to February.

Visit Puerto Chacabuco Harbor Shore

Puerto Chacabuco Harbor Shore

Visit Puerto Chacabuco – Transportation

Access to Puerto Chacabuco is by ferry, cruise ship, local bus or rental car.  Local buses operate on an ongoing basis without a set schedule.  Buses pick up passengers at the port and take them to a small plaza where you can transfer to a bus to Puerto Aysen.  Buses Suray is the most common operator in the area, but Buses Ali is also a possibility.  Bus information for Puerto Chacabuco is not posted on the internet.