Last updated on October 2nd, 2020

Visit Cook Islands – Plan Your Trip

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Best Time to Visit the Cook Islands

Temperatures are the same year round in the Cook Islands, but slightly lower rainfall from June t0 October make these months a better choice for your visit.

Cook Islands – Visa Requirements

Visitors to the Cook Islands do not require a travel visa. Visitors from New Zealand can stay as long as they want. Check your specific country at VisaHQ for further information.

Cook Islands – Language

English is the main language today, but Cook Islands Maori (Rarotongan) is also spoken by the Maori ethnic base. Linguistically there are close ties to Maori and Tahitian.

  • Kia Orana – hello (“Ia Orana” in French Polynesia).
  • Aere ra – goodbye
  • Meitaki – thank you

Savor the Tastes of the Cook Islands

  • Ika Mata – raw fish marinated in salt, lemon or lime, coconut cream
    with some tomato or and veggies thrown in to make a salad.
    This is the Cook Islands’ version of French Polynesian poisson cru.
  • Moana Roa Mahimahi – fish poached in coconut cream and served on greens.
  • Matu rori – sea cucumbers cooked with sauted onion and garlic, served with bread or cooked root vegetables.
  • Kuru stew (breadfruit).
  • Cooked taro leaves.
  • Raro tarati salad.
  • Pawpaw fruit.
  • Pickled fish.

Cook Islands – Currency

The official currency of the Cook Islands is the New Zealand dollar, but a local Cook Islands currency is also used sometimes. The local currency is more of a souvenir for tourists.

Electrical Adapters for Cook Islands

The Type I electrical adapter, which is commonly used in Australia, New Zealand and most islands in Oceania.

Drinking Water for Cook Islands

Tap water is considered safe to drink on Rarotonga but not on the island of Aitutaki.