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Ferry Across Kiel Canal, Visit Kiel

Ferry Across Kiel Canal

Visit Kiel – Old Town

  • Cruise the Kiel Canal.  The canal is the major shipping lane between London and Copenhagen.
  • Kiel Week – the largest sailing ship regatta in the world, held each June.
  • St Nicholas’ Church (Nikolaikirche) and the Geistkämpfer sculpture out front.
  • The City Hall (Rathaus) and Kiel Maritime Museum (Schifffahrtsmuseum).
  • Kiel Opera House.
  • City Museum (Stadtmuseum).
Bridge Ferry, Kiel Canal, Visit Kiel

Bridge Ferry, Kiel Canal

Get to Kiel

You can get to Kiel by traveling about an hour north from Hamburg, Germany.  Kiel isn’t a major tourist destination, but rather a port that cruise ships pass through while traveling the picturesque Kiel Canal.  Many tourists now visit on shore excursions.

Kiel Canal Homes, Visit Kiel

Kiel Canal Homes

Visit Kiel – Hotels

Luxx City Apartments

Atlantic Hotel Kiel

Hotel Flämischer Hof

Kiel Weather

Kiel weather is influenced by the Baltic Sea and the North Sea.  Average temperatures peak in July and August at 68 F (20 C), while lows are about 60 F (15 C).  In December and January average highs are 37 F (3 C) and average lows are just above freezing. Rainfall is highest in May and August, while January sees the lowest precipitation.

Visit Kiel – Background

Kiel is a major maritime port in northern Germany on the Baltic Sea near Hamburg.  The Kiel Canal made Kiel the major shipping route between the Atlantic and the Baltic.  The canal runs for nearly 60 miles through Germany.  Ships started using the Kiel Canal in 1895 because it saves significant time over the northern route around Denmark.  The cruise ship industry sometimes uses the Kiel Canal as part Scandinavian cruises.  It resembles the Panama Canal a bit, but runs through pastoral areas of Germany.  Numerous ferries cross the canal, because there are few bridges.

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