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Best Time to Visit France

The summer months of June – September are the best time to visit France, but spring and fall offer a chance to avoid the height of the tourist season.

France – Visa Requirements

France participates in the Schengen Zone and Schengen Visa requirements. There are no border inspections by rail or vehicle when traveling from France to Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Luxembourg or Belgium. Some countries that are not members of the Schengen Zone require a Schengen Visa to enter Europe. Exemptions include citizens of Australia, Canada, Mexico, Japan, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States. For a list of exempt countries and requirements, refer to Project Visa or check your specific country at VisaHQ.

France – Currency

France uses the Euro as its currency, just like quite a few other countries in Europe. Neighboring countries to France that also use the Euro include Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Italy and Spain. If you travel to the neighboring country of Switzerland, they don’t use the Euro.

Visit France – Electrical Adapters

The Europlug Type C electrical adapter is what you will need to keep your phones and cameras charged when you Visit France. Your electrical adapter for France will work in most European countries.

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