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Peteronas Twin Towers, Visit Kuala Lumpur

Peteronas Twin Towers, © Can Stock / jpldesigns

Visit Kuala Lumpur – Petronas Twin Towers

Petronas Twin Towers is the place most people think of when they visit Kuala Lumpur. The Skybridge joins the Petronas Twin Towers together by a two story walkway on the 41st floor. The observation deck for the Petronas Twin Towers is on the 86th floor. Check the timing of your visit, as the towers are usually closed to tourists on Mondays. The towers are shaped to create an “M” for Malaysia.

Sultan Abdul Samad Building, Visit Kuala Lumpur

Sultan Abdul Samad Building, © Can Stock / kiankhoon

The Suria KLCC mall is at the base of the Petronas Twin Towers.  The Towers are located beside the Kuala Lumpur City Centre Park, which also is home to the Aquaria KLCC aquarium, the Asy’ Syakirin Mosque (Jewel in the Park), the Dewan Filharmonik Pertronas symphony hall, the Petroains Science and Technology Museum and the Galleri Petronas art gallery. The Petronas Twin Towers area is separated a little bit from the other tourist attractions in Kuala Lumpur, so consider taking local transit or an organized Kuala Lumpur City Highlights Tour.

Batu Caves Entrance, Visit Kuala Lumpur

Batu Caves Entrance, © Can Stock / atosan

Visit Kuala Lumpur – Batu Caves

Batu Caves is the most popular tourist attraction for those who visit Kuala Lumpur.  The Batu Caves are limestone caverns found just north of downtown Kuala Lumpur. These caves are an important Hindu religious site. You can easily get to the Batu Caves by local transit or an organized Caves Tour. A 140 foot statue of Lord Murugan marks the entrance to Batu Caves. From there, you climb up 272 steps into the Cathedral Cave. The macaque monkeys wandering about the cave are entertaining, but they can also be accomplished thieves. Guard your possessions carefully. There is no admission to the Batu Caves.

Batu Caves Shrine, Visit Kuala Lumpur

Batu Caves Shrine, © Can Stock / Violin

Visit Kuala Lumpur – Merdeka Square

Merdeka Square is where the British Union Jack was lowered in 1957 to signify Malaysian independence. So, Merdeka Square is also called Independence Square. The Square is in downtown Kuala Lumpur. The British built Sultan Abdul Samad Building overlooks Merdeka Square. Behind the Sultan Abdul Samad Building on the opposite bank of the Gombak River, you will find the Jamek Mosque. Just north of the square is St. Mary’s Cathedral. At the southern edge of the Merdeka Square area, you will find the Old Market Square. The Old Market Square has great architecture surrounding the clock tower. From the Old Market Square you can begin walking down Petaling Street into Chinatown.

Inside Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur

Inside Batu Caves

Visit Kuala Lumpu – Petaling Street

Petaling Street is a famous pedestrian shopping center in Chinatown, which is just south of Merdeka Square. Petaling Street is notoriously known for pirated products such as DVDs. The street is now covered with a canopy, which is why it’s also called the Green Dragon. Petaling Street is a standard stop for tourists who visit Kuala Lumpur. Also visit the Sin Sze Si Ya Temple to have your fortune read by a Taoist. Then see the Guan Di Temple and the Sri Maha Mariamman Hindu Temple. In the Petaling Street area, you will also find the Central or Sentral Market. Sentral Market includes the Centre for Malaysian Culture, Heritage, Art & Craft.

Fish Spa Therapy, Visit Kuala Lumpur

Fish Spa Therapy

Visit Kuala Lumpur – Lake Gardens

Enjoy a boat ride in the park at Lake Gardens. Visit the National Monument, which honors those who died for Malaysian independence. In Lake Gardens, you will also find the Perdana Botanical Garden, known for its Orchid Garden, as well as the KL Butterfly Park and KL Bird Park. The KL Bird Park is the world’s largest free flight walk-in aviary. You can easily visit the Orchid Garden, Butterfly Park and Bird Park in one excursion.

The National Museum of Malaysia is just outside the south edge of the Lake Gardens. The National Museum of Malaysia can be reached by a walkway over the freeway. Also close to Lake Gardens is the National Mosque of Malaysia, which is a highlight that is open to those of other faiths as well. The Kuala Lumpur Railway Station and the KL Sentral metro hub are both very close to Lake Gardens.

Visit Kuala Lumpur – Hotels

Hotel prices are low in Kuala Lumpur, so enjoy a quality hotel at a reasonable price:

Putra Floating Mosque, Putrajaya near Kuala Lumpur

Putra Floating Mosque, © Can Stock / Rushour

Visit Kuala Lumpur – KL Tower

The KL Tower is just east of Merdeka Square. The KL Tower offers an observation deck, Atmosphere 360 revolving restaurant, a Malaysian Cultural Village, Formula 1 Racing Simulators, an Animal Zone and base jumping. The Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve surrounds the tower. You will also find St. John’s Cathedral near the KL Tower.

Wilayah Persekutuan Mosque, Visit Kuala Lumpur

Wilayah Persekutuan Mosque, © Can Stock / shariffc

National Palace Royal Museum

National Palace Royal Museum – is also known as Agong’s Palace and the King’s Palace, which refers to the residence of the elected King of Malaysia. The Wilayah Persekutuan Mosque is worth visiting in this area too.

Thean Hou Temple, Visit Kuala Lumpur

Thean Hou Temple, © Can Stock / Violin

Thean Hou Chinese Temple

The Thean Hou Chinese Temple is an amazing structure and a popular tourist attraction. This Hainanese temple was built in 1989 to commemorate the Goddess of Thean Hou.

Visit Kuala Lumpur – More Sights

  • Chow Kit Wet Market
  • Jalan Bukit Bintang – the popular retail shopping district.
  • Formula One racing at Sepang International Circuit.
  • TM Tower – is a skyscraper shaped like a bamboo shoot.  It’s the headquarters for the TM Group.
  • Royal Selangor Visitor Center – the world’s largest pewter maker.
  • Taman Connaught Night Market.
  • Visit the 110,000 seat Perbadanan National Stadium.
National Mosque of Malaysia, Visit Kuala Lumpur

National Mosque of Malaysia, © Can Stock / Violin

Things to See and Do Near Kuala Lumpur

Petaling Street, Visit Kuala Lumpur

Petaling Street, Visit Kuala Lumpur

Savor the Tastes of Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is famous for inexpensive Malay, Chinese and Indian street food:

  • Eat banana leaf rice with your fingers.
  • Ondeh ondeh – rice balls with palm sugar and coconut.
  • Petaling Street for its street food in hawker stalls and numerous restaurants.
  • Little India (Brickfields) – for more street food.
  • Thirty8 Lounge at the Grand Hyatt, where you can also enjoy fabulous 360 degree views.

Get Around Kuala Lumpur

Individual vehicle transportation is extremely popular for people to get around Kuala Lumpur. The number of freeways is extensive. The metro system radiates out from KL Sentral via the Kelana Jaya Line, the Monorail and the KLIA Ekspres. The KLIA Ekspres delivers passengers to Kuala Lumpur International Airport in about half an hour. The Ampang Line is another light rail service in the city that connects with both the Kelana Jaya Line and the Monorail.

In addition to the metro, there is an extensive bus transit system that includes connections to the Batu Caves and Port Kelang (Klang). Air Asia provides inexpensive flights to a number of nearby countries from Kuala Lumpur. Rail service to nearby Singapore is reasonably priced.

Kuala Lumpur Weather

The Kuala Lumpur weather is hot and humid all year long, because the city is near the equator and the South China Sea. Temperatures are the same every month of the year. Expect average highs of 33 C (90 F) and average lows of 23C (73 F). Two monsoon seasons affect Kuala Lumpur weather though. Expect heavier rainfall around the months of April and November.

Rainfall is persistent in every month of the year, but in June and July rainfall is the lowest. So, we think June and July are the best time of year to visit Kuala Lumpur.

Visit Kuala Lumpur – Background

Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia. The city is on Peninsular Malaysia between Singapore and Thailand. About 6 million people live in Kuala Lumpur. The British and Japanese both occupied Kuala Lumpur during World War II. The city is mainly Muslim. Many mosques (masjid) are open to visitors of other faiths. In 1969 there were race riots in Kuala Lumpur between Malay and Chinese.

Kuala Lumpur is an important financial center. The Petronas Twin Towers have become a symbol for the city, but one of the biggest draws is the variety of Malay, Chinese and India food at inexpensive prices. Get ready for acronyms in Kuala Lumpur, as it’s common to abbreviate to “KL” in many names, such as the KLCC (Kuala Lumpur City Centre).

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