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Best Time of Year to Visit Bosnia & Herzegovina

The summer weather is comfortable and dry in Bosnia & Herzegovina. So, summer is the most popular time to visit Bosnia & Herzegovina. Many tourists tend to visit Mostar on a day trip from Dubrovnik in the summer. Sarajevo is a bit more remote from other popular destinations on the Dalmatian Coast, so it never gets quite as busy with tourists. Spring and fall get our vote for the best time of year to visit Bosnia & Herzegovina, because that’s also a good time to visit Croatia, Montenegro and Slovenia.

Bosnia & Herzegovina – Visa Requirements

Bosnia & Herzegovina was part of the former Yugoslavia. When Yugoslavia dissolved, many smaller countries were created with borders to Bosnia & Herzegovina in this area of the Balkans. Most nationalities don’t need a tourist visa if you are staying less than 3 months. Exemptions include citizens of Australia, Canada, Mexico, Japan, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States. Check your specific country at VisaHQ. For a list of exempt countries, visit Project Visa.

When you cross the border from Bosnia & Herzegovina to Croatia you can expect a thorough screening at the border. Croatia is part of the European Union and extra effort is invested to ensure the migrant crisis is contained.

Bosnia & Herzegovina – Currency

The currency for Bosnia & Herzegovina is the mark. You will find that for a short stay, you can make purchases using a credit card or Euros around the popular tourist locations.

Electrical Adapters for Bosnia & Herzegovina

The Europlug Type C electrical adapter is what you will need to keep your phones and cameras charged when you Visit Bosnia & Herzegovina.  Your electrical adapter for Bosnia & Herzegovina will work in most European countries.

Drinking Water for Bosnia & Herzegovina

It’s fine to drink tap water anywhere in Bosnia & Herzegovina. No need for bottled water. Save money and the environment – drink tap water when you visit Bosnia & Herzegovina.

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