Last updated on October 3rd, 2020

Visit Africa – Pick a Country

Introduction to Africa

Overnight Sahara Camel Trek, Merzouga, Morocco

Overnight Camel Trek, Merzouga

Visit Africa for its great diversity.  Morocco in the northwest of the continent is bordered by the Sahara desert.  It is hot, dry and sparsely populated.  Egypt in the northeast corner offers fabulous ancient historical remains along the Nile valley.  In southeast Africa, Kenya and Tanzania are the center of the amazing wildebeest and zebra migrations.  Visitors can still see the big five in the wild when you Visit Africa – lion, leopard, cape buffalo, elephant and rhino.

Travel in Africa is more complicated than it is in other continents.  Independent travel is more difficult to arrange and information about accommodation and transportation is not as readily available on the internet.  We recommend that you take an organized tour, such as those provided by G Adventures, Intrepid Travel and other well known, reputable organizations.  Bring a Type C and a Type G electrical adapter when you visit Africa.  The standard North American plugs are not used there.