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Best Time to Visit Russia

Summers are short in Russia, so June – August are the best time to Visit Russia for weather. High volumes of tourists in St Petersburg can make spring and fall a better time to visit Russia though.

Russia – Visa Requirements

A tourist visa is a requirement for many nationalities entering Russia. Normally this is obtained through the company making travel arrangements or by using a visa service. Express to Russia advertises visa invitations for a small fee, but you are then responsible for submitting their invitation, your original passport, application and passport-size photos to an embassy or consulate to get your visa.  For a list of exempt countries, visit Project Visa.

Cruise Ship Passenger Visa-Free Tours

Cruise ship passengers visiting St Petersburg don’t need a visa if they take visa-free tours. Cruise ships offer visa-free tours and these are also available online from local tours too. Cruise ship passengers who take visa-free tours are returned to the ship and cannot do any other touring on their own.

Russia – Immigration Documents

When you enter Russia, you get an an immigration document. One copy is retained at immigration and one copy must be carried with you during your stay. Your copy must be shown in order to exit the country and to register at hotels, so keep this document in a safe and easily accessible place.

Russia – Currency

The currency is the Ruble, but US dollars are widely accepted. St Petersburg and Moscow now have ATMs and credit cards are becoming more widely accepted.

Visit Russia – Electrical Adapters

The Europlug Type C electrical adapter is what you will need to keep your phones and cameras charged when you Visit Russia. Your electrical adapter for Russia will work in most European countries.

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