Gangs surrounded my family home. We called the neighbors for help, but they wouldn’t set foot on our property because that might cause a fight involving the whole neighborhood.

Neighbors did offer to have the credit cards of the gang cancelled to teach them a lesson.

Neighbors offered to mail my family a handgun as quickly as possible.

Neigbhors offered to let us live with them if we could sneak out of our home.

My son stayed and defended our home valiantly. Eventually the gangs got frustrated and blew up our house. My son was killed in the blast.

The rest of my family now lives in a neighbor’s basement.

The gangs are building their own place on the ruins of my family home.

The gangs have promised not to invade any more homes, so my neighbors feel reassured and are giving the gangs back their credit cards.

Neighbors say what happened to my family was terrible and they learned a valuable lesson about increasing the security of their own homes.


Many neighbors of Ukraine say they stand with them, but no country will join the fight.


It’s pretty easy to take neighborhood houses one at a time. During WWII the Nazis took Ukraine, France, Belgium, Denmark, Austria, Greece, Hungary, Norway, the Netherlands, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, Monaco, Lithuania and Poland before the United States joined the war.

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