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Old Harbor, Chora, Visit Mykonos

Old Harbor, Skala, © Can Stock / openlens

Visit Mykonos – Chora

Visit Mykonos and wander the narrow white washed streets of the Chora or main town on the island. Walk along the Old Harbor and pass the Church of Our Lady. Have lunch on dinner at the quality restaurants around the waterfront. Check out the small shops. Search the streets for Petros the Pelican. Ever since 1954, the town has had a live pelican mascot. In fact, you may find more than one resting in the streets. Then visit Little Venice – a row of fishing houses hanging over the sea. Little Venice is great place to watch the sunset. A short walk up the hill from Little Venice brings you to the windmills. The windmills (Kato Mili) are reminders of bygone days when Venetians milled flour here.

Little Venice, Visit Mykonos

Little Venice

Visit Mykonos – Other Sights

  • Archaeological Museum of Mykonos is located along the Old Harbor. The Aegean Maritime Museum is in the Chora main town too.
  • Elia Beach – rent an umbrella and lounge chair at this popular spot, which is 8 km from Mykonos by bus.

Visit Mykonos – Hotels

Windmills, Visit Mykonos

Windmills, © Can Stock / ElinaManninen

Mykonos Weather

Mykonos weather makes it a summer tourist destination. Average temperatures from June through and August are 86 F (30 C), while lows are about 72 F (22 C).The popularity of Mykonos weather in summer is increased because you can expect no rainfall from June through August. Also, cool northerly summer winds keep the temperatures from getting too high. From December to February average highs are 55 F (13 C) and average lows are 48 F (9 C). Rainfall is highest in the month of December. May through September are all excellent months to visit Mykonos.

Fishing Boats, Old Harbor, Chora, Visit Mykonos

Fishing Boats, Old Harbor, © Can Stock / ElinaManninen

Get to Mykonos

Mykonos Airport is located a few minutes east of town. In the summer, many international flight options make it easy to get to Mykonos. Most cruise ships dock a few miles outside the city at the new port in Tourlos. Then cruise ship passengers take a short bus ride to town.

You can get to Mykonos from Athens by high speed ferry service  in about 3.5 hours. The high speed ferry to Rafina takes just over 2 hours. For information, check out Blue Star Ferries. Numerous ferries travel to surrounding islands, including Santorini and Crete. A regular tour boat excursion from the old port is available to the nearby ruins on the island of Delos.

Visit Mykonos – Background

Mykonos is a small island in the Cyclades group of the Aegean Sea. The permanent population is just over 10,000 but in summer the population swells with cruise ship visits and tourists who come for the night life. The town of Mykonos is referred to locally as Chora, to distinguish it from the island of Mykonos. Mykonos is a high end tourist destination. Shopping and restaurants are expensive, but tourists find both worthwhile.

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