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Brisbane River, Visit Brisbane

Brisbane River, © Can Stock Photo / bamse008

Visit Brisbane – South Bank

South Bank – This is the cultural heart of Brisbane  Areas include the South Bank Parklands, the Little Stanley, Grey Street and River Quay.  South Bank includes a beach, lagoon, cafes, restaurants, pubs and markets.  Enjoy the Clem Jones Promenade and the Bougainvillea Walkway.  The Skyneedle was built here during Expo 88.  South Bank hosts concerts and the Wheel of Brisbane is located in South Bank too.  Ferry terminals are located along the river front.

Wheel of Brisbane, Visit Brisbane, Australia

Wheel of Brisbane, © Can Stock Photo / mroz

Visit Brisbane – Cultural Precinct

The Cultural Precinct is part of South Bank and includes the Queensland Performing Arts Centre, Queensland Museum, the State Library of Queensland, Queensland Art Gallery and the Gallery of Modern Art, Queensland Conservatorium and Queensland College of Art.

Cycling Path, Brisbane River, Visit Brisbane, Australia

Cycling Path, © Can Stock Photo / tupungato

Visit Brisbane – the City

Across the Victoria Bridge from South Bank is the City or Central Business District (CBD).  Here you find the Treasury Casino and Hotel and the pedestrian only Queen Street Mall, including the Jan Powers Farmers Markets.  Another block further is King George Square where you can take in the views from the Clock Tower.  Visit the Museum of Brisbane at Brisbane City Hall and Albert Street Uniting Church, which is surrounded and dwarfed by the city.  North of this a few blocks is the Old Windmill in Wickham Park and that park transitions into the extensive grounds of Roma Street Parkland.  While in this area, take a River Dinner Cruise.

Across the Goodwill Bridge from South Bank leads to Queensland University of Technology, City Botanic Gardens, Queensland State Parliament as well as the historical Commissariat Store Museum.

Downstream from City Botanic Gardens will bring you to Kookaburra River Queens for a buffet on a paddle wheeler and Riverside Centre with Jellyfish Restaurant.  Several blocks north from there is St John’s Cathedral.  Then see the Story Bridge, which connects Fortitude Valley and Kangaroo Point where there are great city views.  Try the Story Bridge Adventure Climb if you are adventurous.  Chinatown is located in Fortitude Valley.

Story Bridge, Visit Brisbane, Australia

Story Bridge, © Can Stock Photo / jabiru

Visit Brisbane – See More Sights

  • The XXXX Brewery Tour at Milton.
  • Ekka (the Royal Queensland Exhibition), held each August.
  • Brisbane Festival, held each September at South Bank Parklands.
  • Watch rugby, cricket at the Gabba and Australian rules football.
  • Riverlife – Kayaking, paddle boarding, rock climbing, rappelling, cycling and aboriginal cultural tours.

Visit Brisbane – Hotel Recommendations

Riverfire, Brisbane Festival, Visit Brisbane, Australia

Riverfire, Brisbane Festival, © Can Stock Photo / mvaligursky

Sights Near Brisbane

Moreton Islands, Visit Brisbane, Australia

Moreton Islands, © Can Stock Photo / StrangerView

Visit Brisbane – Day Trips

St John's Cathedral, Visit Brisbane, Australia

St John’s Cathedral, © Can Stock Photo / tupungato

Brisbane Weather

Brisbane is located in the Southern Hemisphere, so its seasons are reversed as compared to Europe or North America.  The climate is humid sub-tropical. Temperatures in the winter months, from May to September, have pleasant highs averaging about 22 C (72 F) and lows of 10 C (50 F).

The summer months around December average 30 C (86 F) for highs and 20 C (68 F) for lows.  Summer months can be very hot and humid.  Rainfall is lowest in the winter months around July and highest in the summer months.

Brisbane River at Night, Visit Brisbane, Australia

Brisbane River, © Can Stock Photo / imagecom

Visit Brisbane – Transportation

Brisbane has an extensive transportation system of subways, trains and buses.  Check out Queensland Rail for routes.  Cruise ships dock on the Brisbane River at Portside Wharf.  An Airtrain with frequent service joins the airport to the rail system and the Central Business District.  The city of Brisbane operates its buses and ferries through TransDev.

Visit Brisbane – Background

Brisbane is a modern city located on the east coast of Australia about 10 hours north of Sydney by vehicle and 7 hours south of the Great Barrier Reef.  The city is built along the Brisbane River near Moreton Bay and it has an urban population in excess of 3 million.  It is named after former governor Sir Thomas Makdougall Brisbane.  The city was a major command centre for allies of World War II and General MacArthur was headquartered here.

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